Dean Phillippi Sr.

Actor / Senior Model / Producer at Christian Film

Dean Phillippi was born in Washington, Pennsylvania, and moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1982. He has loved acting since early childhood, but did not officially pursue it until he was an adult. He has trained and worked professionally in acting for about 10 years, and has appeared in films shown at St. Augustine Florida Short Film Fest, Jacksonville Florida Short Film Fest, and the World Arts Film Festival. Baptized at 10, he loves God, his wife, his children and acting! His dream work is to act in Christian Films, Action Films, Historical Films and True Story Films.

Dean attended Jacksonville University, Universal Personnel Airlines School, Dale Carnegie Institute of Technology studying Computer Management Classes, and Acting Classes. He got a job in 1982 at BCBSFL, as a Certified Professional Manager and worked there until his retirement in 2009. Since his retirement, he has put 100% into acting. Dean’s wife is Linda, and Linda’s parents are both pastors where, Dean and Linda became involved with the children ministry along with their sons.

Dean enlisted into the U.S. Navy and served during the Vietnam War Era as a computer management professional. Dean played professional Football for the American Football League Washington Generals, Eastern Seaboard League; (1972 – 1982) as a defensive back. Dean was recognized and honored for setting a league record of interceptions in one game that still stands. His coach was a strong Christian, and allowed Dean to lead the team in prayers and Christian outreach.

Dean’s acting credits include Stage and Dance plays, Short films, Feature Films and television commercials. He began his acting career in his high-school plays in his high school in Washington, Pennsylvania. He has taken acting classes and senior modeling in Jacksonville, Florida, thereby landing his first television role on the TV Series “Point Man” as a policeman. Dean’s credits are: (“Green From the Grave”-Feature Film, “With Blood Shot Eyes”-Short Film, “Implode”-Feature Film, “Snug” – Feature Film, “Sunny Acres” – Short Film, “Sarah” – Short Film, Pointman – TV Series, “Real Rob” Reality TV Series, “Dream Girls”-Theater/Stage Dance, “Laugh-In” Theater/Stage Comedy, “Justice Coalition”-Training Video, along with National and Local Commercials, Senior Modeling projects, Fashion Design projects, and doing extra work in several feature and short films done by awesome directors and producers locally to Jacksonville, Florida and St. Augustine, Florida.

Dean has a desire to share and encourage Gods word. He has been blessed in many ways and gives God full credit for all the great blessings that God has given him and is a very proud Christian. – Motto – “Don’t Let Life Get the Best Out of You, (YOU) get the Best Out of Life!” – Favorite Bible Verse – John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever beleiveth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”


Title Year Role(s)
Knight's End (TV Series) (pre-production) 2017 Sigeric
Dancer (pre-production) 2017 Harold (Heather's Father)
Never Go Back 2017 Stan Motuski
Ground Zero (Short) 2016 Extra
Tattletale Corpse (Video) 2016 FBI Agent Andrews
To Plant a Seed (Short) 2016 Jack White
Losing Faith (Short) 2015 Robert Cobb
Love Waits (Short) 2015/II Old John (rumored)
The Race (Short) 2015/I Mr. Wells
The Story (Short) 2015/II Teacher
12 Masks (TV Mini-Series) 2015 GOD
Christmas Wedding Baby 2014 Wedding Guest
The Hounds (TV Series) 2014 Peter Rainsford's Dad (rumored)
Green from the Grave (Short) 2014 Professor Wright
A Flower Which Blooms (Short) 2014 Museum Patron 1
Waiting for Lola (Short) 2014 Extra (uncredited)
With Bloodshot Eyes (Short) 2013 Man in Hiding
With Bloodshot Eyes (Short) 2013 Producer

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Dean Phillippi Sr.

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