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About Us

We at AuditionBuzz are a team of experienced & vibrant people who want to let Talents get their dreams true though our Portal. We provide to you the implications of the Audition in laymen terms. The site in itself is a creation of Rakesh who was tired of seeing things in the same monotonous fashion & wanted to bring about a vibrant change in the way Audition information was being presented. He started a revolution in the form of a this portal.

Among other things the site boasts of highly interactive, hugely popular & a well maintained functional like PROFILES, Talent Search, upcoming Audition details, BLOGS, etc.


  • Make a platform where Talents and Talent Seekers can meet and work
  • Provide complete information related to Auditions
  • Let Talents create online profile to showcase
  • Let people from Audition industry meet each other


RAKESH : Well the mastermind so to say, he is the brain of the site. He is technology expert, web designer, web developer and more. His dream is to make it easy for talents to get their dream work and he is very confident to achieve the same in near future. He is the creator and thinker of portal.

He looks cool and calm to the outer world hides a world of potential beneath in him. Social Media is his passion and helping people is his life. His tremendous patience clubbed with storm of quietness draws his ability to scale greater heights. His attitude is marked by the absence of infuriation that makes him radically distinct from the rest. He is the Founder & CEO of company.