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Santosh Tandon

Since the year 2000, Santosh Tandon has been a famous name in the field of anchoring, mimicry (in 30 voices) and Stand- up comedy. He has done more than 3400 Live Shows all over India & across the world. He is also enthusiastic about and is hands on various latest computer technologies. He owns “Ashoka Audio & Visual Studio” and is the C.E.O of AdKing Advertising Agency, New Delhi.

A skillful Anchor/Emcee can elevate any event and provides well-coordinated atmosphere during the event. He/she has the power to host as well as execute different types of events. Whenever there is a talk about most trusted anchor/emcee starts, Santosh Tandon is always acknowledged for his superb anchoring/hosting skills. He is the best example of anchors that have an excellent adaptability which

Versatility is rarely seen! Audience loves his voice as well as event management skills. His clients admire his works and always welcome him for future events. He works with a perfect blend of entertainment and intelligent mindset which makes him the best anchor/emcee for all kinds of events. Mr. Tandon has done more than 3400 live shows and events for corporate sector, families and entertainment industry.

3 Tv reality show sign in this year 2017

Poupulr Dance reality Show Dancing War Host telecasted on Sadhna TV

Stage sharingwith More than 100 Celibrety from Bollywood

Perfect Entertaner Award in Anchoring


Work Experience

  1. LIVES SHOW - He has performed more than 3400 shows accross the globe.
  2. Film & TV - Santosh has helped in directly or indirectly more than 150 film & tv shows.
  3. Facebook Page Likes - 3121 and increasing.
  4. Mimicry - Santosh is one of the best mimicry artist in Delhi. Who can make mimicry of more than 30 artists.
  5. Film & T.V.- Executive Producer- under the banner “Ashoka Motion Pictures”

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Some Awards

  1. Best male anchor award holder, Awarded by former President of India
  2. Natraj Ratan Award 2016 for best anchor in Delhi NCR
  3. Atal Bihari Vaibhav Shikhar Samman 2015 holder

Some Reviews

  1. I have been in the industry from a very long time. But being with a entertainer like Santosh Tandon got my funny bones chuckled - SUNIL GROVER (Comedian)
  2. Well talanted,very eneregtic and Dedicated person - MANMEET SINGH (Bollywood actor)
  3. Well talanted,very eneregtic and Dedicated person - MANOJ JAISWAL (Bollywood singer)
  4. Santosh knows how, when, why & what to create on stage quickly - MAHIMA CHAUDHARY(Actress)
  5. You are making a nice progress. All the best and lots of success to you - HIMESH(Singer,Music director)


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