Nidhi Nandrajog

Professional Model & Business Woman

Hi, my name is Nidhi Nandrajog and I am a Delhi based Model and Business Women. I am 36 years old and proud Mom of 2 sons(13 years/5 years). I have done B.A. English Hons and my passion towards Modelling take me to this Glamouraous world of Modelling.

I believe that perfection is something that is constantly around us, and something that we are constantly chasing - but it's such short fleeting moments, that we miss it, all the time. My job as a model is to try and line up as many of those perfect moments as possible, hoping that the photographer gets as close to the actual moment of perfection as possible..... and THEN.... when it gets out to the viewer, what I hope is that I stop even being a part of the picture.... and that the viewer thinks - WOW... that's beautiful... the way the light comes across her right there, her expression, or whatever it might be.

So if this is the kind of work you want to do, let's do it! The difference between an image and art is meaning. Lets create art together.

Born to Goel parents with a passion for art, I consider myself a life-long artist through music and dance, and now focus my creative expression into my work has a model. My dance background gives me a wide array of free posing and emotion, but also discipline and understanding to take direction very well. My passion as a model comes from the desire to create art that inspires people everywhere to see the beauty in their everyday life, through the light and shadows and lines that create the world we walk through on a daily basis.

Work Experience/Achievements

Winner of Radiance Mrs India 2017
2nd Runner Up in Vibrant Mrs Delhi NCR 2017
Title holder of "Best Walk" in Radiance
Model for Amit Kumar's LaFiesta Calendar 2018
Received Guest of Honour by Inner wheel Club Delhi
Received Guest of Honour by Aastha Club Delhi
Done Ramp Walk for Thalassemia children of Foundation against Thalassemia(2017).
Dance performed & Ramp walk in Anjana Kuthalia(Mrs India 1975) show 'Bollywood Reloaded'.
Title holder of Beautiful Eyes in Vibrant Mrs Delhi NCR
Show stopper Dance performance in Radiance Mrs India
Also do charity e.g I give 30 poor student education money, and I am also connected with an NGO.



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Nidhi Nandrajog

New Delhi, India

Phone: +91 9899701105