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Michelle Lewis

Michelle Lewis is a two-timed published author, a screenplay writer (her screenplay Beyond Dark has won three script writing competitions), and actress living in Maryland, yet she has southern ties. She grew up in a small town in Central Arkansas with a population of 354. There were very limited opportunities for people with aspirations such as hers in that small town. She has wanted to be in the spotlight since she was 5, but thoroughly caught the acting bug when she was 15, when she landed the role of Ms. Hannigan in her high school’s production of “Annie”, for which she won the “Best Actor” award. Acting has been in her heart and on her mind ever since. She married and started a family and has been concentrating on them for the last 15 years. But with the support of her husband and three children, she is now actively moving forward in the pursuit of her dream. She began acting professionally in 2008, while living in Oklahoma City. When her husband separated from the military and got a job on the east coast, Michelle knew this was her opportunity to make the most out of her career. She’s been acting in the DC/MD/VA area since 2013. She’s done television, film, and commercials and she has recently started a production company with her best friend, and fellow actor/writer/director Loran Bolding. They met when Loran was holding auditions for her short film A Deadly Affair to Remember. She was cast in the role of “Annaliese” and the two became fast friends. After developing a strong connection, they decided to start L&M Productions. Michelle then began writing a feature film called “Beyond Dark” and has cast Loran with a supporting role of “Hannah” in the feature. The film has been submitted to various film festivals and screenwriting contests. This was the first film they worked on as a team and have since gone on to start another feature called Redemptions Price, which stars both actors and is casting now for more supporting and lead roles. Bolding and Lewis have been approached to adapt two romance novels into a feature film series. They are becoming more and more sought after and gaining more traction with every project they pick up, all from word of mouth. The outpouring of love and support and collaborating is overwhelming to the pair. L&M Productions’ primary goal is to provide actors with the opportunities not typically afforded to many actors in their area. They wish to network with as many people as possible to widen the opportunities for all involved. The more people involved, the more people will notice and the word will spread like wildfire, thus creating a multitude of opportunities for many. Loran and Michelle wish to touch and inspire the lives of all they encounter. They want to encourage everyone to never give up, no matter what anyone says. We need more strong, determined women in this business and Michelle and Loran intend to add to that population. They hope to give all women the inspiration to reach their goals, no matter what field they are working in. It’s taken them their whole lives to get where they are and they know that without God, and their faith and determination, they would not be where they are today. They are not at their destination yet, but they have their sites set high and have every intention of getting there with the love and support of friends and family. Where God leads, they intend to follow. And they look forward to the amazing journey that lies before them.








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