Loran Bolding

Actor, Director, Producer, Writer & One Half of L&M Productions

I have been working behind these scenes for years. Like everyone else who has a dream, a desire and aspirations for this industry, I am doing this for free. Why? Because I love it and it has been my passion since I was 9 years old. I know that money will come one day but that can not be the only reason why someone wants to be an actor, filmmaker, director or any other profession within this industry. They will be sadly mistaken. Some actors, like myself, invest money into themselves through classes, books, teachings and traveling to unpaid gigs. We all do free work from being extras (which is amazing, a movie can’t be made without extras such an underappreciated aspect of the film industry) to being in low-budget films for little to no pay. We hone our crafts by doing the mundane, little daily things that makes us better.

As a woman, I have worked hard to get exposure in this business. I have had an incredible agent I have received auditions after auditions and it's exciting. So while, I am studying, being coached and mentored by working actors and actresses, I started screenwriting. I found that I have a knack for that and I love it. When, I finished my first script and was ready to turn it into a movie, I held auditions. This is a battle in of itself. There are so many good and talented actors out there and the decisions are difficult. Through these auditions, I met the wonderfully talented, Michelle Lewis. We hit it off form the start. We decided that since we had so many ideas to get them to paper and go into business with each other as productions partners, thus L&MProductions was created. Make your own way is our motto. Nothing has been handed to us in this industry, we’ve worked hard to get where we are and we are continuing to make our own way and we pride ourselves with bring others with us.

God gave us these gifts to share with others and we want to being them along. That is our vision, to bring as many talented people with us as possible. We want them to shine in an industry that is relatively dark. Doing this allows the light to shine on their talents and their dreams and helps them reach their goals. It’s a win-win situation and I love every aspect of it. All this is not without its obstacles. I have been rejected so many times because I was too fat, not pretty enough, my hair isn’t long enough, I didn’t have the right look or my audition was horrible. Either way as an actress we have to learn to take these rejections with a grain of salt and know who we are and Who’s we are.

God has given me this incredible talent of writing, acting, directing and producing so I don’t really care what others say. I do it to glorify God and not them. Yes, it may sting for a moment; but most of the time I let it go. To God Be The Glory and by the Grace of God, there go I.

For complete list of movies where she worked as an Actor, Producer, Director, Writer please visit her IMDB Page

Checkout my directorial debut, learned so much that I can take into the other movies I will be filming.
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Title Year Role(s)
A Deadly Affair to Remember II: The Final Fight (pre-production) 2018 Emily / Michelle
Beyond Dark (pre-production) 2018 Hannah
Redemptions Price (pre-production) 2018 Abby / Lily
Jason's Letter (post-production) 2017 Marge
A Stupid Idea (Short) (completed) 2016 Kathy
Provision (completed) 2016 Diane Edwards
A Deadly Affair to Remember (Short) 2017 Emily
After Yesterday (Short) 2017 Amanda
Love Different 2016 Bookstore Customer
Providence 2016/I Teacher

For complete list of movies where she worked as an Actor, Producer, Director, Writer please visit her IMDB Page



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Loran Bolding

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