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Jennifer Dawn

Born in the Pacific Northwest; California and the arts and entertainment are no strangers to her as she also is a classical violinist beginning from the age of 8 years old playing in front of audiences and in the orchestra for the Shakespearean Theatre in Ashland Oregon. She was a Junior Olympic Swimmer, among many other sports activities in her life and is very outgoing. Having the energy it takes to run an entire production company is not a difficult task for Ms. Anderson and she loves every minute of it. As she says, Music and Film is a passion; getting it done is an art. "Don't follow me into the madness of the world, just accompany me within my own." A quote by Jennifer Dawn in 2011.

Mrs. Anderson-Bounds, Lady Love to adored husband William Joseph is a published writer, author, and poet in The Library of Congress, and successful and very talented Film Maker, making her stamp and presence felt in the film industry sectors.

Jennifer Dawn, who is also an author in her own rights has written three books, one in her own name and one in her pen name which she keeps mysterious and as an enigma to herself. Ms Anderson has completed 6 films in 2016 and is ready to take 2017 full steam ahead! Optioning already The Mansfield Killings a film based on the true story written by Scott Fields; and another film entitled ScarFace written and to be directed by Danial Donai, a film to be told by the sharks perspective and slated to be bigger than Jaws!
This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Ms Anderson works with the best of the best and is currently working in Hollywood on her 2017 slate of films with Mario Prado and many others in the wings. She lives a peaceful life surrounded by the majestic Ouachita National Forest, and enjoys fishing, hiking, camping, and many facets of the outdoors.





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