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Betty Dravis

Dravis is a retired newspaper publisher and career journalist who also hosted a Cable TV talk show. In addition, she's a celebrity interviewer and author of nine books, including her latest four e-books: "The Search for Bobby McGee," "Six-Pack of Fear," "Six-Pack of Blood" (with Barbara Watkins) and "Star Struck: Interviews with Dirty Harry and Other Hollywood Icons." Three are novels in print and e-book format: "1106 Grand Boulevard," "The Toonies Invade Silicon Valley" and "Millennium Babe: The Prophecy." Two others are nonfiction in print: "Dream Reachers" and "Dream Reachers II," collections of celebrity interviews (with Chase Von).

Dravis also wrote three short stories that were consistent best-sellers in the Amazon Shorts program and had short stories published in the anthologies "Every Child is Entitled to Innocence," "Sweet Sunshine," "Just Our Best Short Stories 2005." She recently finished her first full-length horror/paranormal book "Evil Voices" (unpublished at present).

She is the devoted mother of six (two are now angels), grandmother of nine, and has six great-grands and three great-great grands. Dravis, born in Hamilton, Ohio, is a California transplant: a decades-long resident of Silicon Valley, she currently resides in the Central Valley of California. She's a Kentucky Colonel, an honorary title bestowed by the Governor of Kentucky, featured in two Who's Who books and former San Jose (CA) Woman of Achievement. She's also a member of American Author Association (AAA) and Dames of Dialogue, a former member of Sigma Delta Chi and San Jose Newspaper Guild and is an Amazon and Midwest Books Reviewer.

Her most recent awards (with co-author Barbara Watkins) are from Dimi Nakov, producer/director of ZODIAC ENTERTAINMENT: DIRECTOR'S CHOICE/PARANORMAL/FEAR presented for "Six-Pack of Fear" and "BEST PARANORMAL/HORROR" presented for "Six-Pack of Blood." For "1106 Grand Boulevard" she also won TOP 20 BEST WOMEN'S FICTION from Heart Press and placed 9th in the 5th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL SHORTY AWARDS (author division).

Betty is also working to promote Stem Cell Research, along with her daughter Mindy James whose son Seth suffered a spinal cord injury in a motocross practice race. Read Seth's story on the Internet at Bridges to Hope.

Another of Dravis's favorite things is interviewing; among those she has interviewed are the "living legend" actor/director/producer Clint Eastwood, country singer/actress Tanya Tucker, the late actress Jane Russell, the late Senator Ted Kennedy, the late San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto, actresses/singers Katherin Kovin Pacino and Marissa Autumn, actor/producer/director Tony Tarantino and many more...the list keeps growing. Please see the Celebrity Section of her website.

Of writing, Betty always says, "It's exhilarating--like sliding down a rainbow with a huge smile on my face, filled with love for the whole of God's magnificent creation." She laughs as she adds: "Yeah...and marketing is like trudging through a field of 'chewed' bubblegum on a hot, sticky day." :-)


Work Update

Betty Dravis has added new skills to her former ones. She is now co-producing three films for Dravis and Tears, a branch of Forbidden Tears, founded by Jennifer Dawn Anderson Bounds... and is casting director of "To the Top," the third in this anti-bully trilogy. The first feature film is "Flowers in the Snow," and "Don't Ever Tell" is second. One of her short stories is now in DVD short-film format and another "The Legend of Herman's Harem" is in pre-production.

"The Snack" is finished and is out on DVD. Based on story of same title, "The Snack" is produced by KPF Publishing, directed by Mina Ownlee. DVD can be purchased for $5.00 at this link:!kpf-store/c3jc

It has been endorsed by many film directors, screenwriters, actors and other public personalities. Check Dravis's interview by Christy Tillery French on Dames of Dialogue to learn all about her coming films from other books/stories...and her latest published books.


"This is a feast expertly cooked up by master chefs venturing into the dark side designed to leave us captivated, enthralled and horrified. The perfect dish to accompany your six-pack...or if you prefer, a fine wine." - Armand Mastroianni, Producer/Director, Silver Screen Pictures, Hollywood


"I know Betty Dravis as a multi-genre writer, but no matter what genre she writes in, make no mistake, Betty's a treasure, far as I'm concerned. This collection is special because it offers you a glimpse into the 'other' mind and character of this author." - John Locke, famous creator of the fictional character Donovan Creed and the first self-published author to sell a million e-books.

"Betty Dravis is a fantastic mix of Shirley Jackson, Edna Buchanan and Janis Joplin. Don't ask me how I came up with that unlikely comparison--I just feel it, and I haven't been drinking much tonight...." - Mark LaFlamme, author of "Dirt: An American Campaign"

"Betty Dravis's ability to present real people, places, and things in the midst of a fantasy story is very close to what I strive for in my own writings. Characters with last names and problems who live in real places, but still have fantastical things happen to them, make for a wonderful story. "The Toonies Invade Silicon Valley" is truly a modern "James and the Giant Peach" or "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" kind of tale." - J. H. Sweet, author of The Fairy Chronicles


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