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Meet Dinesh Mohan, Who proved age is just a number & Became A Supermodel At Age 61. Dinesh Mohan is a hardcore fitness freak and also possesses a magnetic personality. Dinesh is 6 Feet tall and weighs nearly 80 kg. He got Athletic Build. He got Blue Eyes and White Grey Beard.


  • White Bearded – Grey Model gained huge popularity after posting Modeling-Based posts and Rampwalks on his Instagram.
  • Dinesh Lost 45 Kg in the last some years. He used to be 125Kg+.
  • Dinesh mostly seen in fashion shows during Rampwalks and Brand Photoshoots.


Check out what he answered for our question!

#1. Do you ever regret that you should start your modeling career way before?

No! I never feel regret because I had got everything i wanted. Definitely I got a second chance in life being a Super Model and I welcomed it with my heart. I always appreciate in my career that something good happening with me. I started my Modeling career at 57 and I am happy with it and looking for more success like others.

#2. What steps you would suggest to people who want to be a Model like you?

I would say people who want to have a serious career in Modeling should be

→ Realistic: They should have dream that needs to be followed with passion. These days’ youngsters get clicked in camera with pose and their friends say that you can be a Model and then they start doing it. They should not be in delusion. They should start Modeling only if they want to be.
→ Qualification: They should have proper height, for boy’s at least 6 foot and 5 foot 7 inch for girls.
→ Portfolio: They should have a good portfolio.
→ Once they have a portfolio, they would get some contacts from the people/company who created their portfolio.
→ Further they can search in Social Media for good projects and apply.
→ Hard work is the key to success.

#3. What is the bitterest truth of this Fashion industry which everyone should know before entering this field?

Good or bad is a state of mind. So something can be a good thing for me and the same thing can be bad for other and vice versa. This modeling is a short lived/temporary field, probably 3-4 years I would say. Later new faces would come and you might be replaced. So always keep an eye on your next career while doing Modeling.

#4. What are your upcoming projects?

Recently I had started a Hindi movie shoot 2 days before Lockdown started. I am having a good role and a big star is in Central role in that movie. Also I have completed shoot of a Malayalam movie "Football in Elephant field (name in English)" as a villain. There is one more Tamil movie "Colour of Life" where I am doing a negative profile of rapist. I am awaiting release of these movies.

#5. From where you get this passion and energy at this age of 61 to get new modeling assignments and movie roles?

I have different approach, I don't give Auditions now. I had given few auditions at the start of my career but now I have people's Love and their great feedback which keeps me going. Let me give you an example, have you seen a movie "Guide" by Dev Anand Ji? He was not a Monk but people's faith made him think like a Monk. So it's all people's Love and faith on me which keeps me going.

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--Dinesh Mohan

We wish Dinesh Mohan all the best for his Career.

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