Ram Manohar Mishra

Face of the Week Personality, Vol #5

Ram Manohar Mishra

  • COP with potential to be a FILM STAR
  • Area of residence: Delhi, India.
  • Native Place: Sitamarhi, Bihar.
  • Organisation: Delhi Police.
  • Present Rank: Inspector
  • Present Posting: Inspector Investigation, Police Station Narela.


  1. Catching gangs, wanted and rewarded criminals, inter-state criminals.
  2. Investigated many high profile cases and also worked in Special Investigation Team constituted in sensational Jessica Lal murder case.
  3. Has been incharge of different Police posts 3 times.
  4. Worked in Special Cell of Delhi Police.
  5. Has also been Incharge of AATS, North West District, Delhi.
  6. Worked in Senior Citizens security Cell of Delhi Police. Educated and prepared booklet for their safety and security.
  7. Got rewards for catching criminals.

Special Skills:

  • Has performed in many Auditoriums in Delhi, Gurgaon and NOIDA in different Musical Programme organised by different institutions as well as Programme organised by Delhi Police.┬áHonoured in many musical programmes as 'Chief Guest', 'Special Guest' and 'Guest of Honour'.
  • A Police officer who is known for his investigative skills, team work and humility and is very well respected by public for his humane approach.

Area of interest:

  1. As performer in musical events.
  2. Modelling
  3. Acting in movies

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