Alka Arya

Face of the Week Personality, Vol #4

Alka Arya

Mrs. Universe North Asia 2017, Mrs. Universe Creative 2017 Finalist, Super Model, Pride of India

"Harder you fall... higher you bounce", we at are excited to share Amazing journey of Alka Arya from Chandausi a small town in U.P to Mrs. Universe North Asia 2017 and a leading lady entrepreneur of team of highly expertise team which do research and development of Swadeshi herbal cosmetic products.

Winning the most coveted title was not a bed of roses for her. Unstoppable energy, commitment towards the platform and her focused vision will definitely lead her to excel in all walks of life. Dedication and passion towards smallest of the small task is in her blood. Self-made, she has been a perfectionist ensuring everything is in a proper place and there is a proper place for everything.

Alka Arya is from Chandausi a small town in U.P. With her aspirations and dreams she started her journey with many dreams right from my high school, till graduation and her masters in organic chemistry she slightly had her desired dream to follow up so the bent in itself started making way for her.

From fitness to kitchen, from style to social life from spiritual to smart you will always find her active and enthusiastic. Her charisma continues and we congratulate her as the title holder of Mrs. Universe North Asia 2017. She is confident and has started working on her life changing journey from a housewife to a beauty queen of Asia & world with a purpose.

A role model to every woman in this world. Representing the nation globally and making every Indian smile is her goal now. We wish her all the best for her journey as an international beauty queen.

She wears a title of Super Model along with her crown, bringing glory to DELHI NCR as well as to her home state, Uttar Pradesh.

"Dreams are dreams until you wake up, work hard and make them real"- is her life's motto. She brims with energy when she repeats the phrase with sparkly eyes. “I hope to make my dream come true by means of Mrs India’s platform. My sole aspiration is to engage, inform and empower the society. We must focus on woman’s education and needs of underprivileged autistic children in our country.” She states, certain of her beliefs and true to her message.

However, the way to the most coveted title was by no means covered with roses. She achieved it with her passion, unstoppable energy, commitment and vision.

Alka had a very conservative pattern of upbringing, her family belongs to a traditionally and culturally rooted grounds which she found very difficult to alter the thought process, leaving that aside as life moved on she got married into a family with same mindset and same cultural norms. She always had a spark in her to put her intelligence at work always so she tried convincing her new family and husband, all the time she was given one reason that there is plenty of money in family for your desires why you have to study or opt for a job, earlier they denied but her frequent approach and requests diluted their feeling and she finally managed to work because she always wanted an identity of her own and a respect towards her profession. With her husbands and family support she studied furthermore and she have two kids now it was a challenge for her to continue her studies where she had taken admission in BAMS.

Today she is an entrepreneur with all her enthusiasm she is working with a highly expertise team to do research and development of Swadeshi herbal cosmetic products like: Anti hair fall shampoo, Herbal fairness moisturizer, Pure aloe vera gel etc. encompassing almost all herbal range of soaps, face packs and other products essential for beauty of ladies also the future scope is highly on its track to introduce much more in the same line.

Coming to the journey of FASHION it was never planned and she had no idea that she would ever be able to make a space for myself, but when destiny decides something to happen it revolves itself and put things at the place. With strong approach towards life and endless efforts in the right direction to follow dreams, things started to fall in line. The time was never very friendly to her at times so once I was into high ups and downs in life hence she got very weak emotionally and life became to be even more difficult with the responsibilities. During this period with one of a frieds suggestion she went to a beauty pagent and see something fresh and happening from a daily monotonous routine and life, she was again in dilemma that her family won’t allow her but looking at my entire condition and mental stresses of several kinds they did not put any barrier in the way and she walked slowly to take a fresh breath of newness in life. Journey took a U turn from here as it gave her so much in return by the simple different approach in life the beauty pageant award rebooted her confidence, self-esteem and the same energy which she felt while starting my cosmetic product courier. This path had many milestones that came to me as a bliss as she won the beauty pageant with a super model title holder, as a jury, as a showstopper and a chief guest and many more.

What Alka Says "I strongly support a better place and career of women who keep themselves confined to the house walls, I believe they needed to be embraced and promoted to put their thoughts forward about what they want in life because they can contribute a lot to society and to our nation in terms of knowledge, experience, wisdom, skills, specific talents, valuable concerns for people for society with love and compassion. Reaching heights and looking forward to a brighter side I feel for others now to be at somewhere where they feel great about their existence. It’s not very easy to handle profession and family together it comes with lots of ups and downs but I believe I am hardworking and sincere towards my work and family both. I always give priority first to my responsibilities. My work is my passion I do it for my self-satisfaction and self-realizations not for gaining success, my idea of having herbal product range has a feel behind to serve my nation in many ways by taking it to an international platform. I believe whatever you achieve in life it must radiate and brightens others life in some manner because living solely for own self is little lesser in front of people who have benevolent and giving heart which somehow shapes the fortunes of nation and society. Also living life truly and every bit of it is victory according to me it never too late to stop dreaming and also it’s never too late to start anything fresh in life and keep striving to make them come true this is what I have learned thourghtout my life...."

Titles Won:
  1. Mrs Universe 2017 at 15th rank among participants of 79 countries
  2. Mrs Universe North East Asia 2017
  3. Mrs Universe Creative 2017
  4. Mrs Vogue Beauty Winner
  5. Super Model Title Holder

  1. Manufacturer of Herbal Cosmetics
  2. Worked as an editor in Active Ayurved Magazine
  3. Visit events as a JURY / Chief Guest / Brand Ambassdor

Special Guest in
  1. Debut Life Magazine
  2. Tiara Beauty Pageant
  3. Mrs Femina Pageant, Hyderabad
  4. Dazzle event, Delhi
  5. Beauty Expo, Hisar
  6. Range Rover Car launch
  7. Lafiesta Magazine
  8. F3 Magazine Event
  9. Mrs Delhi NCR
  10. Many Brands and Local Events
  11. Active participation in social events

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